A good website is the most important thing when it comes to getting a good spot on Google. It’s not just about the right balance of good keywords, it’s also about good design. If you have a nicely designed, functional website then visitors will like it. If visitors like your site then Google is more likely to rank your site higher. Design has an impact on how long people stay on your site and how likely they are to come back, both important things when it comes to pagerank. With this in mind here are some tips to help you design to please.

Include a search box. First of all this gives users an easy way to find what they are looking for WME Review. It also gives them a tool to find what they want if they come back without remembering the specific page to go to. This is important for encouraging return customers. You can also find out what people are looking for when they come to your site. Just check your Analytics and you’ll find what your visitors are interested in. If they’re looking for something you’re not offering you should think about creating new content to fulfil this need.

Remember to use the Alt tag. This is a tool you can use to describe your pictures for search engines and the visually impaired alike. This is worth it even if you hardly have any images, but it can be a big help if you have an image-heavy site. It will help your pictures show up on Google and Bing’s image searches. This can even lead to traffic coming to your site through these searches.

Create a 404 page that isn’t discouraging. Mistakes happen, on the part of both website users and designers. It’s common for people to change page addresses without changing links throughout the site. This leads to users getting a 404 error. Make sure that this page doesn’t discourage people from staying on their site. Try and have it point back to your site so they can get back to using it properly as soon as possible.

Keep Flash to an absolute minimum. There was a time when Flash websites were all the rage and everyone wanted the bells and whistles the program could provide. Things have changed. People aren’t as impressed by Flash animation that doesn’t actually make a site more helpful. The fact that Apple products like the iPad and iPhone doesn’t support it also means that your site won’t be usable to a sizeable portion of your audience for WME group. Flash sites are also harder to optimize for search engines because crawlers aren’t designed with them in mind. Keep things simple and cut down on the Flash.

Good web design is an art. These tools will get you started but a truly great website needs an expert. If you don’t feel you are up to the task consider hiring a professional to do the design for you. Also remember that simpler is better. Google is one of the most popular sites with a design that is about as simple as possible. The important thing is that it’s easy to use and easy on the eyes. How WME’s Nick Bell perfected the art of the cold call | AFR