Mobile marketing is fast becoming a popular marketing technique. Once confined to SMS notifications, mobile marketing has gone ahead in leaps and bounds – these days, a lot of businesses use it.

The benefits

This marketing method is very effective Android app development company, as it allows businesses to connect with consumers via their mobile devices – something they have with them the majority of the time. This marketing method can also be tailored to suit your specific business needs. It can provide your target audience with time and location-sensitive information that is also personalised – thereby promoting goods, services and information in a very effective manner.

Modern mobile marketing techniques

SMS marketing was once the main form of mobile marketing, but in recent times this has given way to more effective techniques. As with anything technology-related, mobile marketing is constantly evolving – today, it’s all about mobile apps and mobile websites.

Mobile-friendly websites

These days, businesses want to ensure their websites can be found and accessed via mobile devices. Therefore, they build mobile-friendly (either mobile optimised or mobile responsive) websites. In short, this means that the site fits the smaller screen of a mobile device, and is easy to access.

Mobile marketing via mobile-friendly websites is simply a matter of placing ads on these sites, so that internet users are exposed to them. It’s possible to place ads on sites that are relevant to your business, thereby ensuring you reach your target market.

Mobile apps

Mobile apps are more popular then ever – and this popularity is only set to increase. Both Android and iOS development has skyrocketed, and consequently there are more apps becoming available every day.

In-app advertising is becoming very popular. When an iOS or Android developer creates an app that is ‘free’ to download, they have to make their money someone. Usually, this is by way of in-app advertising. For businesses interested in mobile marketing, this presents a great opportunity – you can reach your target audience via a Blackberry app developer.

Some apps have very high download rates – and these are the most lucrative (and also the most expensive) when it comes to advertising. As a business, it’s important to choose an app that is being used by your target audience, as this ensures the right people are seeing your ads.


Mobile marketing is a very effective way to reach your target audience – and this marketing strategy is only set to expand as more people acquire smart phones. The ‘mobile audience’ is generally a younger demographic, although this is set to gradually change over time.

Of course, not every marketing tactic suits every need. Therefore, it’s important to make a decision based on your business – not merely what’s popular. If you’re not sure whether mobile marketing is right for you, it might be worth talking to a reputable digital marketing agency – they should be able to set you on the right path!