The Asia Pacific region has its own unique voice and preferences when it comes to consumerism. A marketing tactic that works in, say, Norway, won’t work the same in the Asia Pacific region. Therefore, if you are a small business wanting to market online for clientele in the region, you will need to employ several unique region specific tactics like the ones listed below:

Location Specific Keywords
It’s crucial that you use location or region specific keywords to attract Asia Pacific customers instead of choosing generic international keywords. For example, if you want to sell shoes to customers in New Zealand, you will have to use keywords like “buy shoes online New Zealand” or “shoe deals Auckland” rather than something like “buy shoes online.” Remember your goal: it’s to attract customers in the Asia Pacific region, not in Europe or North America.

Local Server
You will need to purchase bandwidth, storage and other features from a local server for maximum speed and efficiency of services rendered. If you are a company Down Under and if you want your web page to load as fast as possible for your customers, you are better off with Australian hosting providers than others located outside the region. Hiring server space locally with help you reduce costs and get excellent deals with additional rewards.

Utilize Local Blogs
Your marketing campaign will have a strategy to create brand awareness online. When you go about doing that, don’t forget to post content on blogs that are popular locally in the region. If you are an online company that sells gardening supplies in New Zealand, you will get better results for your brand awareness strategy by posting content on blogs about gardening that are already popular in New Zealand, instead of a place like United States. Even if better recognized blogs are located in the U.S., your customers will only care about the local ones.

Country Extensions for Domain
Consider getting country extensions for your domain name to exclusively appeal to local buyers. For example, if you are a company based Down Under, managed ecommerce hosting solutions will be able to easily get you an .au extension without much of a hassle. Country extensions will help your site get higher search engine rankings on country specific Google results.

Basically, your online marketing strategy should revolve around catering to regional tastes. Forget what’s hip elsewhere, and see what your regional customers want. Research local trends rather than international ones. Aim to collaborate with what’s popular locally to appeal best to your target customer base.